Mrs Bailey's Class

Lindsey Hewitt - Story for Jacqueline Wilson Competition

At a small envelope sealed with some red wax. I carefully slipped it into my trouser pocket. Finally, the bell rang; it was time to go back to class. Mrs Marsh stopped me, “Jessica, you wait there Mr Styles needs a written apology for Mrs Appleby,” Mrs Marsh exclaimed. I had to write the apology. Consequently, I couldn’t concentrate I really wanted to open that envelope. I rushed the letter I don’t know if I meant the mumbo jumbo I wrote. Hooray! Home time approached. 5 minutes to go! Thankfully, Mrs Appleby let us go early. In the blink of an eye I was on my street Fleming Avenue. I ran to my bedroom and tore open the envelope. It was a riddle. It read “Seek the one who holds the star, for he shall forge the next riddle”. I thought ‘what the?’ But I turned it over this side read “But beware, he may betray, for he has a secret dark and grey.” I thought to myself what could that mean? Mum interrupted my hard thinking, “The school just rang, and you’ve got to catalogue books again with Mrs Marsh, “Mum boasted. I realised each riddle was hidden in an ancient book.

        Finally, the next morning arrived; I had never been so overjoyed that I had to catalogue stupid books with Mrs Marsh. She handed me an ancient book. Vigorously I flicked through the pages. Suddenly the next riddle flew out, but I noticed that I had paper cut my arm, so I had to get Mrs Marsh to fiddle over it for 10 minutes. Now I got to read the next riddle, but blood dripped from my plaster onto the card and a map appeared on the card. It said “Find the pendant that holds the star. Don’t worry it’s not too far.”

                               Chapter 2 

So I decided to start from the school playground and onwards. The map led to Mc Hurters Castle on the west side of Maryport. Mc Hurters Castle is supposed to have an old haunted tower on the east side of the castle. Surprisingly, it led me to the supposedly haunted tower. I was scared, well, people would think so. But I so wasn’t. Sorry back to the story. So I was in the tower it had millions of pendants and books I didn’t know how I’d know which was the right ones. It took me quite a while but eventually I found the correct ones this time the riddle read;” Now you go to the highest point ,to find the golden key ,for the chest where you shall find Mr Fillaby” , that name rang a bell but I didn’t worry. So, what could the highest point be, maybe the top of the castle. No. I’ve got it Mount Mist. There is one thing wrong with that, how would I get to the top of Mount Mist exactly. So if I could I’d climb it. As if. I wish I was rich so I could buy a helicopter to fly to the top. I’ve got it I’ll get Sophie’s dad to take me up; he is the Mayor of Maryport. He can fly me up. So I set off to Sophie’s her dad was so kind he immediately agreed. I’m upon the top of Mount Mist now. Sophie came with me to find this, Mr Fillaby. We found something very peculiar under a rock. It was the pendant but it was filled with dust not a star. I opened it .It lead to Mr Styles. Funnily enough he’d just tricked me.    GRRRR 

The River - May 2012

Like an Olympic athlete sprinting to the finish line

Energetically pumping over glimmering rocks

Twisting and turning like a forceful free spirit

Continuing its path to the wide open sea.

It then continues independently,

Like a kite gliding, peaceful,

The river faces millions of confluences,

It is no longer independent but energetic,

As it leaps with its friends

Eve Routledge

Independently it flows like a snake,

Weaving through the grass,

Carefully carving the banks to the shape it desires,

Suddenly it plunges down a hill

Like a bullet, shot out of a gun.

Samara Telford

Independently raging rapidly like a bullet

plunging frightfully over any obstacle in its path

Joshua Roberts

Drifting independently like a colourful kite

The river is like a bumble bee who darts around rapidly

making ready to produce something wonderful and sweet.

Theo Dixon

Confidently fighting its way through the wide open mouth

Like a man throwing an Olympic discus

Angrily it rages on towards the beautiful waterfall

Flowing downwards until it reaches the sea.

Jessica Ffoulkes


Raging rapidly the river flows

Rocks causing violent twists and turns

Rushing like the wind

A blanket of water, angry and infuriated

Twisting and turning like a bullet from a gun

Then suddenly calmer, slower, gentle and cold asleep and lonely

Lindsey Hewitt


Confident, unafraid of plunging to the depths of the wide open sea,

Like a dangerous viper slithering over the rocks,

Tumbling ferociously over the rocks, more confidently than ever,

Still brave, yet plunging into the depths of despair.

Aimeé Murray


Independently it freely carries tiny rocks

flowing along like a sinewy, muscular arm

Like an athlete leaping over hurdles in a relay

Plunging like a professional diver into the depths of the ocean.

Jamie Wilcock

Confidently striking it’s way through the rocks

Navigating the wide open stormy sea

Like a bull charging at its enemies

Beau Grimley

Like a peaceful kite independently watching over us,

Like a jet soaring through the blue sky

Proudly leaping over the silky rocks.

Jack McAlpine

The river hits the rocks, just like lightening

Moving along very noisily

It flows very fast

Declan Burns


Beautiful glimmering water, helps us to stay alive,

Cleans us and keeps us fresh,

Jake Sadler

Providing drinkable water

Transporting us from town to town

Regenerating as we speak

Owen Gregg

Confident and forceful banging its way like a hammer through a brick

Fast like a bullet

Bethany Wilson


Helpfully the river helps us with drinkable water

Provides us with fish to catch

Lets us play leap frog on its rocks

Helps us to stay alive

Ryan Forsyth


Like a cheetah running to its prey

The river flows along calm

Until it becomes angry and then  rages faster and faster.

Georgina Williams

Theo and Samara examining the inside to ensure it is properly cleaned.

Theo and Samara examining the inside to ensure it is properly cleaned.

Purses galore!!

Purses galore!!

Jack examining the finished product.

Jack examining the finished product.

Corban cutting away the unnecessary parts.

Corban cutting away the unnecessary parts.

Recycling to help our planet.

After our Waste Day, we all brought in our empty juice cartons. We made sure they were properly cleaned out before we gave them a new lease of life as a coin purse. All it needed was a pair of scissors, a staple and a small piece of self adhesive Velcro. They don’t take long to make, however we felt that we had done a little bit towards helping to save our planet by recycling some of the ‘waste’ products that would have otherwise have gone to landfill

Jake making his Eco friendly purse using a recycled juice carton.

Jake making his Eco friendly purse using a recycled juice carton.